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Maintenance Of Mechanical Part
- Jan 11, 2019 -

1.Maintenance of lead screw and guide rail

(1) periodically check, adjust the screw nut axial clearance, ensure the reverse drive precision and axial stiffness;

(2) regularly check the screw support and bed connection is loose and support bearing is damaged.In case of any of the above problems, fasten the loose parts in time and replace the support bearing;

(3) the ball screw with grease, clean the old grease on the screw every six months, replace the new grease.Ball screw lubricated with lubricating oil, lubricate the machine tool once a day before work;

(4) pay attention to avoid hard dust or chip into the lead screw protective cover and the process of working against the protective cover, a protective device is damaged to be replaced in a timely manner.


2.Drive shaft maintenance

(1) adjust the tightness of the spindle drive belt regularly;

(2) prevent all kinds of impurities into the tank.Replace the lubricating oil once a year;

(3) keep the spindle and the knife handle connection part clean.The displacement of hydraulic cylinder and piston should be adjusted in time.

(4) to adjust the weight in time.


Pneumatic system maintenance

1. Remove impurities and moisture from the compressed air;

2. Check the oil supply of the oil mist device in the system;

3. Keep the sealing of the system;

4. Pay attention to adjust the working pressure;

5. Clean or replace pneumatic components and filter elements.