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Problems In The Use Of CNC Drilling Machine
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Problems in the use of CNC drilling machine

1. The environment of the CNC drilling machine: For the CNC drilling machine, it is best to place it in a constant temperature environment and away from equipment with high vibration (such as punch) and equipment with electromagnetic interference;

2. Power requirements;

3. CNC drilling machine should have operating procedures: regular maintenance, maintenance, fault attention record protection site;

4. CNC drilling machines should not be sealed for a long time;

5. Pay attention to training and equipment operators, maintenance personnel and programmers.


photobank (1)

The largest processing workpiece sizeLength*width (mm)


The maximum thickness of the workpiece (mm)


Vertical ram-type drilling power headQuantity(PCS)1
Spindle taperBT40
Drilling diameter (mm)φ3-φ26
Spindle speed (r / min)30~3000
Servo spindle motor power (kw)7.5
Spindle lower end to table distance150-500mm
Power head horizontal movement (X axis)Maximum travel (mm)300
X-axis moving speed (m / min)0~9
X-axis servo motor power (kw)2.4*1
Moving column vertical movement (Y axis)Maximum travel (mm)4000
Y-axis movement speed (m / min)0~9
Y axis servo motor power (kw)2.4
Vertical ram feed motion (Z axis)Maximum travel (mm)400
Z-axis moving speed (m / min)0~8
Z axis servo motor power (kw)1 *2.4 brake
Machine dimensionsLength × width × height (mm)5200*1550*1800
Three-axis positioning accuracyX/Y/Z±0.03/300mm
Three-axis repeat positioning accuracy


Gross weight (t)(about)6

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