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Our Team

Until 2018, we have exceed 200 workers, 8 professional R&D engineers, more than 30 salesman and 30 service engineers.

As one new generation of CNC equipment, ZhangLi Mechinery advocate  science and technology, skilled in technology, with  more than 10 independent R&D patents, 5 senior technicians and more than 100 employees.

Every "ZhangLi" employees put all their identity of the industry, the enterprise's sense of belonging, and the pride in the brand into the professional pursuit and then become the driving force of dream.

ISO9001-2008 quality system is the rules of all production processing, from the decision-making to product research and development, also from the product processing to the installation and debugging.

Each instruction, every department, every working procedure must be accurate, all in accordance with the ISO9001-2008 quality system to ensure that each device has stable performance, excellent quality.