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Quality Control

ISO9001-2008 quality system is the rules of all production processing, from the decision-making to product research and development, also from the product processing to the installation and debugging.

Each instruction, every department, every working procedure must be accurate, all in accordance with the ISO9001-2008 quality system to ensure that each device has stable performance, excellent quality.

Linear guide rail and square track slide are all adopted in Germany, Taiwan famous brand, ball screw adopt TBI high precision transmission parts. The CNC system adopts the German Siemens, Beijing KND and other domestic and foreign famous brands multi-functional processing program to ensure the stability of the machine operation.

The quality inspection department test the accuracy of each machine tools and various functional requirement after the equipment finished.

Each lathe spindle vertical degree must be strictly in accordance with requirements of the factory, the spindle radial runout, diagonal, guideway parallel are all tested by laser interferometer. Our machine indicators are much higher than the national standard and only could be out of the factory after testing work 48 hours.